Drift Valley VI!

After one of the hardest weeks of my life, I was more than psyched for Drift Valley. It’s the most laid-back, friendly, and fun drift event I have ever been to. The Fresh Roots crew put on an A+ event. It’s not the type of event where all your local competition drifters show up to cut you in line and treat you like an asshole all day. It’s a small, tight-knit crowd that’s more than inviting to outsiders. The Drift Valley guys are some of the best bunch of people you can find in this fucked-up scene. No matter what your car looks like, or how big your turbo is; they just want to see you get out there and have a great time! So needless to say, as soon as worked ended on Friday I began busting my ass to get ready. Saturday morning came and we loaded up and headed out. Woo hoo! Unfortunately, after about 5-6 passes my SR finally decided to say “FUCK YOU AND FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT” and one of my rod bearings (I believe?) took a dump. What a piss ass way to end a piss ass week, but some things happen for a reason. This is NOT going to stop me from drifting, or slow down any of my future plans. Fuck that. My eye’s shot open Sunday morning at 8 A.M. sharp and the only thing I could think about was my busted ass car. I rode over to Advance Auto, grabbed a few supplies, and went straight to the shop. I couldn’t let my car sit like this. That’s never been me, never will be me. I managed to get everything unhooked and ready to yank in just a few hours. Soon the motor will be out and I’ll be picking up a new SR from mi amigo Tomas. I’ll beat that thing up while I fix my old SR and have it ready for the next epic disaster. For now, here’s a few pictures from my short stint at Drift Valley IV.

boom boom IMG_2956 tuckin


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