Wolfpack FLCA!

Wolfpack is now offering control arm modification services. For $150, your control arms will be extended and boxed. Extending your front lower control arms will yield many benefits in terms of drifting. It will widen the front track, without negatively affecting the scrub radius the way a spacer would. This will make the car much more controllable and predictable in drift. Extended front lower control arms also create more camber in the front. which means that the contact patch of the leading wheel will flatten out in drift. Giving you grip where and when you need it! The arms will also give more clearance from the wheel wells up front by pushing the bottom of the wheels out. They pair great with a set of modified knuckles. Aftermarket lengthed tie-rods are required for this set-up. Tein S14 inner tie-rods with OEM/Moog S14 outer tie-rods are recommend. Any questions or inquires please click here.

flca1 flca2 flca3

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