One step closer…

A bit of an update… Found some spare time and my dad [or the coffee] got me all revved up to start working! I had to grind down the motor mount bracket a few MM to clear the turbo, and painted that back up and reinstalled. Stuck the transmission back on and bolted everything up tight. No pictures of any of that, it’s mostly boring stuff.

Then I tossed the injectors in, Nismo 740cc.


Stuck the new Tomei oil pan on! About time I got this…


Then dropped the motor back in!


It’s about time! I’ve been so busy this winter I have hardly had any time or motivation to work on the car. Now that the motor is back in I can do small tasks day-to-day and finally get it reassembled and ready for a tune! I have a few other things I plan to do, but I need to get the car running and drivable before I get concerned with other things.

I also took a quick picture of my interior. It came out pretty nice!


More to come!

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