Happy 3/26!

Happy 3/26 everyone! In celebration, I have an update on the state of my 326power coilovers!


All I can say so far, is that these are some seriously high quality coilovers. I was really on the fence about spending the money, being that there is hardly any information available… But at first sight, you can tell that these are some well-built pieces of equipment. I will go into more detail after I button a few things up and get the car out to the track, where I can really see what these coilovers can offer. Enough talking, heres some pictures!

DSC01387 DSC01391 DSC01400 DSC01401

Here is the front lowered all the way (with the collar still in) on 17’s. You could still take the collar out and go another ~1/2″ or so lower. Unfortunately my subframe was dragging on my flat concrete shop floor, so I had to raise it another 5 turns. Still unsure how this will do… my exhaust is in for it haha.


Here is the final ride height in the rear.


Then I went ahead and took the car over to a local alignment place, that my friend Daniel had recommended. I was typically having to make a journey to find someone willing to align my car. When I arrived, they were extremely friendly and more than willing to align my car. What a relief! Alignment shops in the past have become very nervous, or even hostile (LOL don’t waste your time driving to IAG). The ramp to get into the place was pretty hairy though… but we were able to come up with an idea!

photo 1-1

That trailer has come in handy in so many ways, it has surely more than paid for itself!

Andrew got it up on the rack and got everything back where I needed it.

photo 2-1

That’s where I currently stand. I need to check out my exhaust because it’s just getting ravaged right now. I broke an exhaust hanger at the last drift event, and I can’t stand not to have it at this height. So far everything looks great, I just have a few more things to button up and I can head out to the track and see what she can do!

Oh yeah, I got a pretty cool package the other day as well…


Stay tuned!

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