Sorry for the lack of updates!


Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Between work, and all the car trouble that I have been having, I have had no time to update the website. Three events ago, my car began to have some weird issues. I got back home and started to pull everything apart. After hours of unsuccessful attempts to find the problem, it finally became apparent when I removed the ECU and could hear the daughterboard rattling around inside. I opened up the case, reinstalled the board, and the car was back to normal! Or so I thought… The night before Driftvalley 10, I was letting the car idle to get the temperatures up and everything flowing again. Right around the 20-25 minute mark, my car began to act up again. Frustrated and tired, I decided to pack everything up and try to fix the car at the track the next day. We spent a good half of the day fucking with the car before we got fed up and headed back home. I immediately bought a PowerFC, and hoped to fix this stupid issue for good! Hauled her up to MA-Motorsports to get the PFC tuned, and I got the call that no car guy wants to hear… Carl from MA said he noticed the car seemed to be a bit off… So he did a compression test and sure enough, cylinder 1 was fried. I had been in such a hurry to get the car fixed and make the next event, that I did not even think for a second to do compression/leakdown tests on the motor. This was a gut-wrenching experience, to say the least. I headed back to MA to pick up my broke-ass car (what a shitty ride that was…). When I had arrived, I was talking with the guys about which direction I should head next… I spoke with a very knowledgable fellow named Ray, who had suggested that I toss some heavy-weight oil in it and make the best of it at the next event. My eyes lit up, and I knew exactly what to do at that point… So we hurried back to the shop to figure out how to get one more day out of my little SR. The Nistune ECU was obviously damaged, so that was the first place to start. I dug up an old redtop ECU that was laying around my shop. The car would not hold it’s own idle because of the Z32 AFM, so we tossed the stock one back on. Now I seemed to be having trouble with the Nismo 740cc injectors… So back in the stock injectors went. A little more digging in the shop and I was able to come up with a manual boost controller… I set the boost to 10lbs with stock MAF and injectors, and the car was running again! Not full-tilt, but enough to get one more day. We loaded up and headed out to East Coast Bash 2014. I was still plagued with stupid problems all day, but managed to get a few runs in and have a decent time. Better than sitting at home! Now the motor is out of the car, and all of the accessories have been switched over to a new [to me] SR20 block. I am waiting on a few more small things, and the motor will be ready for it’s new home. I’m hoping to really make the most out of this setup this time around, as I have only been able to make a few passes with the engine at full-tilt. It’s a shame things happened the way that they did, but this is a big learning process for me. Being able to stick with it through the dark times like this can be very difficult. But in the end, it teaches you to never give up! Things like this only make you stronger, and bring you closer to the machine you have built.

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